How to Make Your Own Vanilla Extract

1. Carefully slice each bean open lengthwise using the tip of a sharp knife. No need to cut all the way through, but simply cut open one side to reveal the vanilla seeds.
2. Now cut the vanilla beans in half.
3. Place all 5 vanilla beans back in the bottle provided.
4. Fill the bottle with vodka all the way to the bottle’s shoulder. (For more professional results, use 1/2 pure grain alcohol (190 proof) and 1/2 water instead of vodka. This will eliminate the vodka smell in the final product)
5. Screw the cap tightly on the bottle, and store in a cool, dark area such as a kitchen cabinet for at least 4 weeks, giving the bottle a shake each week or so. Four weeks is the minimum, store it up to 4 months for the best flavor. After using some of your new Vanilla Extract, top off the bottle with more vodka (the beans need to stay covered to remain fresh). The same beans will continue to flavor the extract for up to a year.
6. Your new Vanilla Extract will only improve with age, like a fine wine!

Please note: This is the recipe for making 8 ounces of Vanilla Extract. If you are using our Extract Grade B Beans to make Vanilla Extract, we recommend you use 8 beans, since they’re slightly smaller. Of course, you may use any clean, glass container to make your extract and adjust the amount of beans according to the amount of liquid. Just use at least 5 Grade A Beans or 8 Grade B Beans per 8 ounces of vodka.