Pure Chocolate Extract: How Do I Use It?

pure chocolate extract Pure chocolate extract from World Class Vanilla

Chocolate extract is a special tool in the food world because of its versatility and irresistible flavor. Pure chocolate extract is perfect for a fast boost of flavor because it amplifies the existing flavor from the chocolate or cocoa powder and highlights the natural taste. Best of all, it’s easy to add to nearly any baking recipe and is an all-natural solution.

Pure chocolate extract is made by infusing cocoa beans with an alcohol solution for intense concentration of flavor and aroma. The chocolate flavor is pungent with a strong alcohol note, like vanilla extract. The process for the two extracts is almost exactly the same so they are used exactly the same way. The quality of the chocolate is important when creating a beautifully crafted extract. Only the highest quality cocoa beans should be used in chocolate extract because the flavor is amplified; the less than perfect notes in subpar beans will be amplified too. World Class Vanilla has some of the highest quality pure chocolate extract on the market and they understand the importance of quality.

This amazing ingredient is really versatile and easy to use. If you want strong flavor in your chocolate desserts you should add it to everything. Although it is considered an optional ingredient by most average chefs, those who have worked with it before understand its miraculous qualities that make it a real necessity. Simply add a teaspoon to almost anything (ice cream mixture, brownie mix, cookie dough, etc.) and bask in the full-bodied flavor. You can also add it to recipes that call for vanilla extract because they pair so well together. Buying chocolate extract is an absolute ‘must’ for any chocolate lovers or dessert enthusiasts who want to push their creations over the edge

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