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  • Chef Review of Vanilla Beans, Extract, Paste

    Chef Review of Vanilla Beans, Extract, Paste, talks about World Class Vanilla products including the Madagascar Grade A Vanilla Beans, Pure Vanilla Extract, and Vanilla Bean Paste. Watch the video to hear his review and thoughts about these products and be sure to view the other videos on our site...
  • Stuffed Banana French Toast

    Stuffed Banana French Toast using Pure Vanilla & Cinnamon Extracts

    Stuffed Banana French Toast Stuffed Banana French Toast

    Are you bored of having the same breakfast of pancakes, sandwiches and waffles over and over again? It’s time to spice up your mornings with this fun take on French toast. This breakfast staple is stuffed with awesomeness and comes in layers of yummy goodness. Just like any other French toast, this stuffed counterpart sports a gorgeous golden crust of egg-milk mixture with just the right hint of cinnamon extract to pleasure your senses. Continue reading

  • Chocolate and Vanilla Frosting Recipes using Sour Cream

    vanilla frosting recipeYou can use either one of these two delicious Chocolate and Vanilla Frosting Recipes on cake or cupcakes. The Vanilla frosting recipe and the Chocolate frosting recipe are for a serving of 40 to 48 cupcakes or a large sheet or layered cake. The sour cream adds a richer deeper flavor. You can adjust either recipe to fit your needs. Continue reading

  • Best Vanilla Cupcake Recipe Debate

    best vanilla cupcake recipe - Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract 8oz bottleThe great debate begins with the best vanilla cupcake recipe and though there are some differences, neither scrimps on the most important ingredient, Madagascar Pure Vanilla Extract! Next time you have a large gathering in your home or want to add some fun at an event--try both of these vanilla cupcake recipes and see which one your guests, family, or even co-workers like the best. Continue reading

  • Vanilla Bean and Vanilla Extract Storage Made Easy

    Vanilla Bean and Vanilla Extract Storage Jars and Bottles Vanilla Storage Bottles and Jars

    New! Yes, we've heard you! World Class Vanilla Co. now carries a nice assortment of glass storage jars and bottles – perfect for storing those precious vanilla beans and homemade vanilla extract. For ideal vanilla bean storage, we have sourced genuine Weck® canning jars, which are still made in Germany. Continue reading

  • Homemade Vanilla Bean Almond Milk Recipe Video

    Check out this short video and see how easy it is to make your own delicious homemade vanilla bean almond milk! You can see our amazing Gourmet Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans here! If you enjoyed this video - how to make Homemade Vanilla Bean Almond Milk recipe, please share.
  • Chocolate Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding

    chocolate vanilla bean bread pudding

    You’d be surprised at the number of people who have never tasted – or even heard of bread pudding before, let alone a Chocolate Vanilla Bean Bread Pudding! Every dinner party I attend has a bread pudding “novice” that I gladly “initiate” into the ranks of bread pudding lovers. The ingredients are incredibly simple – pretty much bread, milk, eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla, and chocolate. Continue reading

  • Pure Vanilla Extract Has 1001 Uses!

    Pure Vanilla Extract can be used in vanilla and cinnamon coffee Vanilla and Cinnamon in Coffee

    All of the best tasting dishes in the world got to be that way because time was taken to ensure that the perfect combination of ingredients was used for maximum flavor output. There really is nothing worse than ending up with a dish that tastes bland or flavorless, but it is also where the fun can really begin, especially with pure vanilla extract. Continue reading

  • Pure Chocolate Extract: How Do I Use It?

    pure chocolate extract Pure chocolate extract from World Class Vanilla

    Chocolate extract is a special tool in the food world because of its versatility and irresistible flavor. Pure chocolate extract is perfect for a fast boost of flavor because it amplifies the existing flavor from the chocolate or cocoa powder and highlights the natural taste. Best of all, it’s easy to add to nearly any baking recipe and is an all-natural solution. Continue reading

  • Vanilla Bean Almond Milk Recipe

    Vanilla bean almond milk ingredients Ingredients for vanilla bean almond milk

    I promise you, after this Vanilla Bean Almond Milk Recipe, you’ll never want to buy milk from a store again. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, omnivorous, carnivorous (kidding), it won’t matter because it’s so easy to make and tastes so good. Homemade almond milk is a creamy, delicious treat, and best of all you’ll know every ingredient that goes into it. The trick is to use the highest quality vanilla beans you can find. I mean gourmet-grade, Madagascar-grown vanilla beans. Continue reading

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