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  • Vanilla Bean and Vanilla Extract Storage Made Easy

    Vanilla Bean and Vanilla Extract Storage Jars and Bottles Vanilla Storage Bottles and Jars

    New! Yes, we've heard you! World Class Vanilla Co. now carries a nice assortment of glass storage jars and bottles – perfect for storing those precious vanilla beans and homemade vanilla extract. For ideal vanilla bean storage, we have sourced genuine Weck® canning jars, which are still made in Germany. Continue reading

  • Homemade Vanilla Bean Almond Milk Recipe Video

    Check out this short video and see how easy it is to make your own delicious homemade vanilla bean almond milk! You can see our amazing Gourmet Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans here! If you enjoyed this video - how to make Homemade Vanilla Bean Almond Milk recipe, please share.
  • Pure Vanilla Extract Has 1001 Uses!

    Pure Vanilla Extract can be used in vanilla and cinnamon coffee Vanilla and Cinnamon in Coffee

    All of the best tasting dishes in the world got to be that way because time was taken to ensure that the perfect combination of ingredients was used for maximum flavor output. There really is nothing worse than ending up with a dish that tastes bland or flavorless, but it is also where the fun can really begin, especially with pure vanilla extract. Continue reading

  • Vanilla Beans: A Brief History

    "Mayan Sculpture Of Face" - Vanilla Beans HistoryVanilla has been one of the most popular spices in the western world for hundreds of years. It is included in almost all of the baked dessert recipes that are served in America. Vanilla beans can be traced as far back as the Mexican Totonaco Indians. The Aztec Indians acquired the precious plant after they conquered the Totonaco tribe. Both of these tribes believed that vanilla was “food of the Gods”. Continue reading

  • Where to Buy Vanilla Beans in Bulk

    ALT="Madagascar Gourmet Grade A Vanilla Beans" Madagascar vanilla beans in bulk

    If there is one thing that people who make food know, it is that adding vanilla to almost anything makes it better, and being able to buy such an excellent product as vanilla beans in bulk, only adds to the greatness that is vanilla! World Class Vanilla is the premier site to order vanilla, no matter if you need that something extra for one dish or you are catering a feast for hundreds. Professional bakeries, food Continue reading

  • Ten Reasons Madagascar Vanilla Beans Rated #1 by Gourmet Cooks, Bakers and Chefs

    ALT="Madagascar Vanilla Beans" Madagascar Vanilla Beans

    Madagascar Vanilla Beans are pure vanilla at its finest and are sure to make a difference in the quality of your baked goods. Chefs and bakers prefer to use real vanilla because extracts made from artificial ingredients tend to have a metallic chemical aftertaste. Artificial colors and flavors may also pose health risks and generally cannot compare to natural compounds. Continue reading

  • Pure Vanilla Extract: Differences Between Single, Two Fold, and Ten Fold

    Pure Vanilla Extract Bottle With Vanilla Beans Making pure vanilla extract

    Pure vanilla extract is one of the most expensive spice ingredients in the world, and for good reason. Most vanilla beans used in extract are grown in Madagascar off the coast of Africa and pollinated, picked, boiled, steeped, sweated, and cured through a several month long process. Imitation vanilla extract is not made from vanilla beans at all. We will explore the differences between the types of vanilla extract and its uses. Continue reading

  • Buying Vanilla Beans Bulk: How to Calculate Storage Needs

    Madagascar Vanilla Beans In Bulk Magadascar vanilla beans in bulk

    How to store all those beautiful beans!

    It takes focus, concentration, knowledge and a calculator to figure out the amounts when buying vanilla beans bulk products; so much that many people don’t plan for how they will store the shipment when it comes in. Madagascar Vanilla Beans are some of the most popular types of vanilla beans available, but in their natural state they can be fragile. Here are some tips to help you know how to store your order so your beans are fresh when you need them. Continue reading

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