About Us

We are passionate about food in general, and vanilla in particular!

Many of us have been in a hurry at the grocery store and grabbed a bottle of vanilla flavor, only to realize later that it’s imitation, or artificial. The problem is that bottle of imitation vanilla has never even met a vanilla bean! In fact, the vanillin (one of the key flavor components of vanilla) used in imitation vanilla comes from a byproduct of wood pulp! Why? Well, it’s really cheap to make a vanilla flavor that way. And it tastes sort of like vanilla, but not quite! We also found that even when we could find pure vanilla extract, it was really expensive and didn’t always measure up to our standards.

We had even worse luck trying to locate fresh, local vanilla beans. The expensive, dried out “things” sold in local grocery or specialty stores said vanilla beans on the label, but sure didn’t look or taste like them!

Having grown up in the flavoring business, we knew there had to be a better way. We set about leveraging our contacts in the industry to find the best sources in the world for quality extracts and vanilla beans. Success!

All of our Pure Vanilla Extracts are made for us exclusively from real Madagascar Vanilla Beans the old fashioned way. It takes time and skill and the result is a Vanilla Extract that you’d be proud to use in any of your creations!

When we have the time, we love to use some of our juicy, plump Madagascar Vanilla Beans in place of vanilla extract. There is something special about scraping out the vanilla seeds, smelling the aroma, and using them in cookies, or some other treat, that is just really satisfying!

Super high quality vanilla products, very reasonable prices – that’s our mission!